Timbuktu’s Renaissance and Priceless Manuscripts

In The Light Bringer’s Way, Whitney and friends discover some of the lost manuscripts of Timbuktu.  This recent PBS special highlights efforts to revive Timbuktu and restore and preserve the priceless manuscripts.  One man in particular, Dr. Abdulwadid Abderrahim Haidara, serves as custodian of the manuscripts and went to great lengths to keep hundreds of thousands of them safe when the city was invaded by extremists in 2012.

It is suggested that perhaps we should look to the past for answers to some of today’s problems.  Look to our past…Sounds like something that our beloved Mr. Parks would say!

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Pack This Trilogy For Spring Break Reading!

The snow is melting, the clocks have sprung forward and the official start of spring is right around the corner…it must be perfect timing that Light Keeper’s Flame is now available on Kindle! Enjoy all three books of The Light Bringer Series and treat yourself to an exciting trilogy on your spring break!

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Thank You, Mr. Spock

Brian Truitt, USA TODAY, wrote a nice piece on the passing of Leonard Nimoy and he happened to mention the value of his character, Mr. Spock, on the Star Trek TV series:

In a series that not only paved the way for Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and light-years’ worth of material that’d keep the Comic-Con crowd entertained, social struggles emerged, too. And Spock, with his half-human heritage, spoke to anyone who felt a little different or looked at the world from the view of an outsider.

Science fiction provides an excellent platform for us to gain a better look at ourselves and our humanity (and sometimes lack thereof). Leonard Nimoy gave us the ability to care about a character that had strengths and weaknesses and perhaps the opportunity to grew a bit ourselves. A real and lasting achievement. Thank you, Mr. Spock.

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Out of This World Smiley Face!

This is pretty cool! The Hubble space telescope recently snapped a picture of a Galaxy cluster that resembles a smiley face.  Maybe the universe was happy that Light Keeper’s Flame was recently released.  Either way, this is far out!


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Book Three Now Available!

Light Keeper’s Flame is now available on Amazon!  We hope you enjoy the latest installment in the series.  We’d love to hear from you and a review on Amazon or Goodreads.  Many thanks to our readers!

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Book Three Cover Reveal!

We’re getting closer (and excited!) for the release of Light Keeper’s Flame.  Our cover is now finalized so we can share it with you.  We love the way it turned out and thanks to our great graphic designer, Sara Hill, for another great book cover!


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Book Three Update and Summary

We’re getting closer to the release of book three, Light Keeper’s Flame, at the end of the month.  Here’s a plot summary to give you an idea of what’s in store!

Reunited with Reid Wallace, Whitney Forbes and friends are tasked with relighting the extinguished Flame of Enlightenment, but the plot continues to spin as they find themselves in a whirlwind adventure on the hunt for another pure energy artifact. Guided by Blair’s mysterious watch and Patrick’s pyrokinetic abilities, they discover the hidden tunnels of Washington, D.C., and the Wallace family vault of Cloccan treasure. In the process, Patrick and Blair grow closer as they start to appreciate each other’s unique talents, while Whitney hopes her inability to express her feelings does not drive Reid away.

As the Sundial, Whitney must begin to fully understand the role of time—including those who watch and guard it—and figure out how to use light to keep the shadowy Tenebraen from hacking her and those she loves out of existence. With intuition and unexpected help from the past, Whitney finds hope is not lost, but will she embrace the role of the prophecy or will she do something no one predicts…not even Reid?

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Merry Christmas and Sequel Update!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  As 2014 comes to a close, we’re excited to share with you the name of book three in The Light Bringer Series.  We are on schedule to release Light Keeper’s Flame at the end of January.  We love where this new installment has taken our characters and storyline!  We will share our cover with you as soon as it is completed.  In the meantime, be sure to visit the Book Three tab on the top of the blog for a sneak peak of Chapter One and puzzle pieces of the next adventure.

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Our Gift for Readers…Book Three Excerpt!

Credit: @nationalmall, Instagram

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Blair started walking at a fast clip around the Lincoln Memorial as if there was not a second to lose. She did not bother following the road but cut diagonally across it since there were so few cars.  “Why are there so many traffic circles in the middle of D.C.? They don’t make any sense,” Patrick grumbled from behind me. Traffic circles were the least of our problems, I thought to myself. If Patrick had seen or heard the Tenebraen, who seemed prepared and eager to hack us into little pieces, he would have been coiled up in a ball trying to hide behind the nearest bush. It was probably for the best he had no clue what was behind Friedlander Gate. The disturbing creatures were hard to shake from my mind, although I kept trying since dwelling on what was behind us left me unable to be as attentive to what was coming up next.

“Of course they make sense. This whole city was designed on L’Enfant’s grid pattern. Some streets run north south, some run east west, and then you have avenues that run diagonally across the grid. Where the avenues intersect with the streets is where we have traffic circles,” she said, gesturing at the directionals with her hand. “It’s perfectly logical. I mean, the city is cut into four quadrants, and they all radiate from the Capitol Building,” she explained and pointed at the Capitol Building through the trees. I noticed that Patrick did not follow her index finger to look at the white dome but only had eyes for Blair.

His undeniable admiration made Blair laugh nervously, and she sputtered, “Let’s just say I’m sort of a logistics geek. When my grandfather gave me this watch and showed me L’Enfant’s maps, he did not tell me much about them. I ended up reading everything I could find about L’Enfant on my own and that led to my interest in urban planning,” Blair said. I thought about the stacks of Blair’s books on maps on her desk in her room. She had compared them to my fascination with Pompeii. Yeah, I knew a lot of people were interested in Pompeii, but I doubted many could hear the voices of protest from the plaster mummies. It was almost as if they were frozen in time and wanted me to do something about it. My connection to those lost lives made me think I was destined to become an archeologist. I was hoping that career path might make the voices go away, except the only thing that solved that problem currently was more training with Mr. Parks.

We crossed Henry Bacon Drive and were surrounded by wide-open lawns that were unexpected for such a large and busy city. The Mall was the name of the park between the Lincoln Memorial and the United States Capitol, and it gave the monuments and museums surrounding them a green carpet of formality. Most of the buildings in Washington tended to have a sense of space and placement. Unlike New York, they went for depth instead of soaring height.

“I think that’s great that you are a logistics geek. I mean, I’m a computer geek,” Patrick confessed, as if this was a secret. I looked over at Reid, who had a quiet smile on his face as he listened to this revelation. Reid told me Patrick would spend hours writing code in his room instead of going out on weekends. That helped explain why Blair resorted to stakeouts of his house. Well, sort of explained it, I chuckled to myself, thinking not many girls were performing the elaborate night recognizance schemes Blair launched with her usual precision and preparedness. “Right now, I’m building a web of electronic data that will house all kinds of stuff. Sort of like an instant digital library that will connect computers all around the world,” Patrick said, a little too fast. He wasn’t boasting, but the words were spilling out of him as if they were held in captivity too long. Patrick fidgeted with his hat and then jammed both his hands into his pockets as if to try and contain himself. Being able to research anything just by typing it into a computer? It sounded more like a magical web than reality. I gave Blair a dubious glance — she didn’t like magic, fantasy or science fiction, and I wondered if she was going to shoot down Patrick’s digital dreams.

She pursed her lips and asked, “Does this have anything to do with that mention of a firewall back there?” Blair was sincerely interested, and Patrick appeared to skip in the air next to her. He quickly tried to pretend there was something he was trying to avoid on the sidewalk but it was not THAT dark out.  “I’m curious, because for thousands of years, people built fortified walls for defense. If you were really serious about protecting your investment, you added a moat or ditch or other obstacle, and where possible, build on high ground. Does this sort of design also happen in technology?” Graciously, Blair grounded Patrick’s explosion of excitement with a legitimate question that turned his world wide web of invisible data into something with historical relevance.

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Happy Holidays and Good Book Wishes For Young Adult Readers in 2015!

Know someone getting a Kindle under the tree this year? Gift them an exciting YA read that has 5 star reviews and is sure to be the right size!

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Snow and the Capitol Christmas tree. Photo by Kevin Ambrose.

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