Different is Beautiful

A rare white-faced fawn with blue eyes is a beautiful reminder that unique and different can be captivating and beautiful.

The fawn, named Dragon, was abandoned by its mother due to its inability to hide. Without the ability to use natural camouflage, Dragon would attract predators to itself, its mother and other fawns. Thankfully, an animal farm in Michigan decided to extend a hand and raise Dragon.  Dragon’s mother carries a rare genetic defect and occurs in less than one percent of the whitetail deer population.

Exchange-White-Face Fawn: His birth mother, "Bunny" is a special type of whitetail deer known as the Piebald, which carries a genetic defect causing it to have large areas of white in its coat. The defect reportedly occurs in less than 1 percent of the whitetail deer population. Dragon was rejected by his mother after birth, likely by natural instinct because he looks different than other fawns. (Cory Morse/The Grand Rapids Press via AP)

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Remember What Memorial Day Is Really About…

Memorial Day

Thanks to USA TODAY for compiling this list of the number of casualties in each U.S. war:

Civil War: Approximately 620,000 Americans died. The Union lost almost 365,000 troops and the Confederacy about 260,000. More than half of these deaths were caused by disease.

World War I: 116,516 Americans died, more than half from disease.

World War II: 405,399 Americans died.

Korean War: 36,574 Americans died.

Vietnam Conflict: 58,220 Americans died. More than 47,000 Americans were killed in action and nearly 11,000 died of other causes.

Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm: 148 U.S. battle deaths and 145 non-battle deaths.

Operation Iraqi Freedom: 4,422 U.S. service members died.

Operation New Dawn: 66 U.S. service members died.

Operation Enduring Freedom: 2,318 U.S. service members have died as of May 12, 2014.

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Are You Like Reid? Read this and find out!

Reid Wallace’s smoky quartz eyes and athletic build are not lost on Whitney Forbes but it is his ability to understand what she is feeling that makes her take notice. She soon learns that Reid is an empath (a highly sensitive person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others) and it is his unique ability to understand Whitney’s true self that captivates her.

Interestingly, in today’s The Wall Street Journal, there is an article by Elizabeth Bernstein on the HSP or Highly Sensitive Person. The newspaper reports, “research studies show that about 20% of the population fits into this category, and the trait is found in the same numbers in men and women. Sometimes called Sensory Processing Sensitivity, high sensitivity isn’t a disorder or a condition but rather an innate, permanent trait.  Brain-scan studies of HSPs show differences in their neural activity, compared with non-HSPs: HSPs are more empathic, pay closer attention to their environment and are more attentive to social clues from their close friends and partners.”  Huh. So it looks like Reid just got a bit more real to all of us who already know and love him. Cool!

Are you like Reid and highly sensitive to your environment and those in it? Take the quiz developed by research psychologists Elaine and Arthur Aron and find out!


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Check out SUNDIAL and get a head start on your Memorial Day holiday weekend with a great book…on us!

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Timbuktu’s Renaissance and Priceless Manuscripts

In The Light Bringer’s Way, Whitney and friends discover some of the lost manuscripts of Timbuktu.  This recent PBS special highlights efforts to revive Timbuktu and restore and preserve the priceless manuscripts.  One man in particular, Dr. Abdulwadid Abderrahim Haidara, serves as custodian of the manuscripts and went to great lengths to keep hundreds of thousands of them safe when the city was invaded by extremists in 2012.

It is suggested that perhaps we should look to the past for answers to some of today’s problems.  Look to our past…Sounds like something that our beloved Mr. Parks would say!

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Pack This Trilogy For Spring Break Reading!

The snow is melting, the clocks have sprung forward and the official start of spring is right around the corner…it must be perfect timing that Light Keeper’s Flame is now available on Kindle! Enjoy all three books of The Light Bringer Series and treat yourself to an exciting trilogy on your spring break!

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Thank You, Mr. Spock

Brian Truitt, USA TODAY, wrote a nice piece on the passing of Leonard Nimoy and he happened to mention the value of his character, Mr. Spock, on the Star Trek TV series:

In a series that not only paved the way for Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and light-years’ worth of material that’d keep the Comic-Con crowd entertained, social struggles emerged, too. And Spock, with his half-human heritage, spoke to anyone who felt a little different or looked at the world from the view of an outsider.

Science fiction provides an excellent platform for us to gain a better look at ourselves and our humanity (and sometimes lack thereof). Leonard Nimoy gave us the ability to care about a character that had strengths and weaknesses and perhaps the opportunity to grew a bit ourselves. A real and lasting achievement. Thank you, Mr. Spock.

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Out of This World Smiley Face!

This is pretty cool! The Hubble space telescope recently snapped a picture of a Galaxy cluster that resembles a smiley face.  Maybe the universe was happy that Light Keeper’s Flame was recently released.  Either way, this is far out!


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Book Three Now Available!

Light Keeper’s Flame is now available on Amazon!  We hope you enjoy the latest installment in the series.  We’d love to hear from you and a review on Amazon or Goodreads.  Many thanks to our readers!

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Book Three Cover Reveal!

We’re getting closer (and excited!) for the release of Light Keeper’s Flame.  Our cover is now finalized so we can share it with you.  We love the way it turned out and thanks to our great graphic designer, Sara Hill, for another great book cover!


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