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We revised SUNDIAL in the late spring of 2016 and took our reader feedback and reviews into consideration.  Even though we had 80 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, some reviews were no longer relevant based on the improved and revised story line. Amazon is unable to remove a review–good or bad–so we solved the… Continue reading Announcing THE PURE ENERGY PROJECT!

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We Remember for our Future

USA TODAY marked the 75 year slaughter at Babi Yar today. The atrocity seems unimaginable to us and we were unaware of this horror until researching the Transnistria concentration camp for our character, Helga. We need to call attention to our past because our lives and our future depend on it. President Reuven Rivlin said… Continue reading We Remember for our Future

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Lost? Then Get Found!

What DO you do if you become lost in the wilderness? You STOP. Stop and stay put. Acknowledge, without going over the problems that caused you to get lost, that you are lost. Think. Asses your situation. Who knows you are gone? Observe. What can help you? What is the climate? Plan. Come up with… Continue reading Lost? Then Get Found!

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Back to School Reading Isn’t Just for the Kids!

Grab book two of The Light Bringer series for free while it lasts!  Load your Kindle with a great book and get ready for back to school reading.  You won’t be disappointed!   #YA #fantasy #YoungAdult #books #Bookreview #paranormal #novel #MGLit #mustread #Kindle #IndiePub #Ereader #Ebooks #YASaves #YATrilogy #YAFiction #FreeBook #FreeDownload #BookGiveaway #FREE

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Being Different Should Not Be Invitation For Violence

We are glad to see this story exposing those who hurt people with albinism making more headlines around the world.  As our readers know, we touch on this extremely dangerous and frightening situation for those with albinism in The Light Bringer book series. Remember, different people are targets for your compassion not hate. We love… Continue reading Being Different Should Not Be Invitation For Violence