Light Keeper’s Flame is FREE to Our Readers!

Since it was released in January, we have not had a giveaway for Light Keeper’s Flame…until now!  Just in time for summer reading!  What’s on your Kindle?


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A Real Life Scene from SUNDIAL!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and a picture says a thousand words…Check out this snapshot from one of our favorite scenes in SUNDIAL.  The view of Reid’s boat on their first date was pretty spectacular!



Photo credit:


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Being Different Should Not Be Invitation For Violence

We are glad to see this story exposing those who hurt people with albinism making more headlines around the world.  As our readers know, we touch on this extremely dangerous and frightening situation for those with albinism in The Light Bringer book series. Remember, different people are targets for your compassion not hate.

We love this quote that we mention in SUNDIAL during the scene at the Netherlands Carillon: “To achieve real harmony, justice should be done also to the small and tiny voices, which are not supported by the might of their weight. Mankind could learn from this. So many voices in our troubled land are still unheard. Let that be an incentive for all of us when we hear the bells ringing.” – Queen Juliana of the Netherlands

#Albinism #YAFiction #QueenJuliana

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Explore SUNDIAL’s Setting!

Learn more about the old European charm of the city that serves as SUNDIAL’s setting, Alexandria, VA.  Get to know where Whitney and Reid call home!


Photo credit: Cameron Davidson

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This St. Patrick’s Day, Get to Know our Famous Irish Characters!

Who are Blair Delaney and Patrick O’Riordan?  These two high schoolers have a mutual admiration for each other that leave our readers guessing will they or won’t they?

Blair Delaney

Blair is Whitney’s best friend and it hasn’t been easy. She has endured starving through wilderness survival camps and rigorous kung fu training with Mr. Parks–ideas Whitney’s father described as “fun.”

Through it all, Blair has proven her ability to hold fast and to be mentally tough. She can absorb pain and suffering but keeps going by focusing her mind on the fact that things will be better tomorrow. When the chips are down, Blair has been known to look at Whitney and laugh, “Well, at least it can’t get worse!”

Like Whitney, she is also trained as a kung fu Shaolin panther stylist. Blair has mastered techniques that involve deception, stalking and long-term planning. She is an incredible illusionist who helps Whitney blend into a normal life while making sure evidence to the contrary vanishes.

Blair is extremely analytical and enjoys being inventive and resourceful. She never goes anywhere without a bag or backpack filled with first aid, duct tape, a flashlight and her Swiss army knife. She is gifted at her ability to memorize and recall information as well as bricolage: the art of building things from whatever materials are available.

Blair is tall and has shoulder-length chestnut ringlets and Irish green eyes. Her cohesive Catholic family always has a place set at the table for Whitney.  Blair’s older sister, Eileen, is always slightly amused by Whitney and Blair’s antics and keeps a watchful eye out for both of them.

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This St. Patrick’s Day, Get to Know our Famous Irish Characters!

Who are Blair Delaney and Patrick O’Riordan?  These two high schoolers have a mutual admiration for each other that leave our readers guessing will they or won’t they?

Patrick O’Riordan

Reid’s affable best friend and fellow teammate, he looks like he just caught a wave in from Hawaii. His bronze tan makes his brilliant blue eyes even brighter and his curly blond hair is always too long.  Patrick’s clothes are as easy-going as his demeanor and he has an affinity for indoor soccer shoes, baggy jeans and International soccer t-shirts.

Always willing to help out when he can, his quiet personality is often overshadowed by Reid’s larger-than-life presence.  Hard working and independent, this shy computer genius earns his gas money for his pick-up truck as a waiter at PoFolks Restaurant and is the object of Blair’s affections.

Check back for a St. Patrick’s Day post and we’ll introduce you to Whitney’s best friend, Blair Delaney!

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Love is in the Air! (And our YA Series and our home city!) Amazon Ranks Alexandria, VA Most Romantic City

Readers!  Our hometown of Alexandria, Virginia, was just ranked the most romantic city in an annual Amazon ranking and is the setting of The Light Bringer series. We think it is a pretty special place and worth reading about and visiting! Check it out!

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What’s on Your Kindle?!

Here’s an early Halloween treat…LIGHT KEEPER’S FLAME is free. Read a great book on us this Columbus Day weekend!

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A Halloween Treat: An Excerpt From SUNDIAL Shows When You Know Better You Do Better

In SUNDIAL, read what happens as Mrs. Delaney grows in her awareness and understanding of food allergy during Halloween.

“With awareness comes change, Whitney, and when you know better you do better.  After all these years, this the first time I bought nut-free candies for Halloween. I’m sorry to admit that until I found out about you and Reid, I had never thought about all the kids who would go home from trick-or-treating and have to throw candy away.  Halloween should not be a real-life nightmare for kids and their parents,” Mrs. Delaney said thoughtfully, and her support made me feel better. It gave me hope that other people would be as understanding and helpful.

Click here for more information on how you can take some of the fear away this Halloween:

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The Light Bringer’s Way is FREE Today!

Grab book two of The Light Bringer series for free while it lasts!  Load your Kindle with a great book and get ready for summer beach reading.  You won’t be disappointed! Thumbnail(1)

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